Bid Team

Bid Committee

Our bid committee is comprised of people who have a wide range of experience in running conventions and being on bid committees for Worldcon, and we are excited to bring to you the best convention Denver has ever seen!

The following people are a part of our bid team:

Nikki Ebright – Con Co-Chair (should we win the bid)
Peter J Wacks – Con Co-Chair (should we win the bid)
Keith McClune – Bid Chair
Sheila McClune – Bid party coordinator
David Boop
Billy Van Ark – Bid treasurer
Lou Berger
Carrie Kay – Minion at Large

Denver’s Westercon will be run by Stories for Students and hosted at the Myths and Legends Convention.

The Board of Directors for Stories for Students is Peter J Wacks, Nikki Ebright, Billy Van Ark, and Jessica Brawner.